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Cathay Pacific

* I believe the principle of communication (i.e. +, - , X , ÷) would benefit my training skill and encourage more interaction among the participants.

* It is very impressive for Mr Lee to deliver the talk in such a professional manner. The seminar is so lively which arouses a lot of interest from all participants. I believe no one will feel boring and can learn something out of it.

* Interactive approach is very good for audience. A lot of examples and games show us different communication approach though they are very minor and people will not pay attention to.

* I think I am now better to cope with fear when I communicate with pax and to deal with problems that I encounter with pax.

* sales tips, the standing distance - eye contact - bodily contact (for female sales staff) are interesting techniques but true that it sometimes lead to successful sale.

* His way of presenting this topic. It's like a movie where different fragments (yes, fragments) sharing the same theme are presented to audience. Actually, I think he has successfully introduced some basic elements of communication from the perspective of different academic disciplines.(e.g. journalism, cognitive psychology, etc)

* one learning that I am able to apply in the job is what he mentioned one effective way of making good communication is through 'touching'. I've tried using this technique more when communicating to my colleagues and I think it does work.

吉林 李文杰

學會溝通, 提高公信力。 傳媒為我所用, 找出傳媒中真正的朋友, 負面導中, 永遠可以找到正面事項, 抓住正面事項, 利用傳媒, 宣傳正面, 影響受眾, 没有永遠的負面。

青海 熊紅慧

充分利用媒體, 變不利於有利, 化被動為主動。

中國共產黨青海省海西州冷湖工作委員會副書記 栾風江

講課具有很強的邏輯性和條理性, 用豐富的案例解讀課程主題, (圖、文、言並茂), 留下特別影響的是對語言的講解, 包括語言, 語調, 身體語言, 語言技巧等, 總之課程講的非常好, 受益匪淺。

長春市人民政府辦公廳 薛小冰

李先生傳媒經驗豐富, 講課生動, 對我啟發很大。

新疆 曾毅次

李先生課程正面, 邏輯性強, 收獲甚深。

成都 李偉

觀念先進, 對處理問題方法極為有效。

武漢 陳小原

有效利用傳媒, 對單位, 區域的發展都是非常重要的。提升外部溝通能力, 達到傳媒為我所用的目的。

長春 王東亮

李燦榮先生, 聞君之言語, 受益匪淺, 每有獲新知, 心中悅也。

廣西 謝哲

課程安排極佳, 為今天工作當中遇到的難題提供了有力的應變方法, 尤其是變被動為主動。

Victor Ng
Toastmasters Club Chairman

潮流興 Crossover ,作為溝通界先驅的燦榮兄也來個 Crossover ,這次是溝通與記憶的完美配搭。  


Message: 信息是演講的靈魂,信息的深度視乎講者本身的文化修為。善用燦榮兄的記憶法研習中國古文,定能提高學養。  

Organization: 信息需有條理的組織,才能讓聽覺易于理解。記憶技巧如 Mind Map 等再加上燦榮兄的商業管理分折模型,能系統地編排演講內容。  

Delivery: 根據 Albert Mehrabian 教授的研究,當人們面對矛盾信息的時候,傾向相信 Non-verbal 信息。燦榮兄的代碼法將能讓你棄掉講稿,讓眼神及手部動作更自然,加強說服力。  

Effectiveness: 要有效溝通,必須令聽者接受你。 Dale Carnegie 指出熟記別人的名字會令人更喜歡你。燦榮兄自創的九宮認人法能助你打開聽者的心扉。  

Language: 精確的用字,漂亮的修辭,標准的發音,將令演講更加完美。燦榮兄的英文音標圖像記憶法,將改善你英語演講的表現。  

以上五要素簡稱 MODEL 。  

天橋上的 Model 要穿名設計師 Crossover 的時裝。要成為工作及生活中的 Model ,則要看溝通大師李燦榮的 Crossover 秘芨。  

你今日 Crossover 未 ?

Tong Siu-fun Mary

I met Mr. Li Chan-wing in a training seminar conducted by EMB in year 2006. I was one of the 28 candidates. The morning with Mr. Li ha d been that exciting which had i mproved the speed of accessing “ enabled communication skill” between people .

During the three hour session, I was indulged in the training techniques of Mr. Li which showed constructive procedures that can enhance our ASK (Attitude, Skill & Knowledge) of how to practice good communication in terms of being a positive Quality Reviewer.

Mr. Li was full of humors and could reserve rooms for discussions and more thoughts. He led the discussion groups in a unique way that allowed ideas to overwhelm each topic. His effort could be seen in full speed while at the same time showed helpfulness when need arose. I feel proud to become one of his learners.

After the lecture, I felt more secure, more flexible, in m any other of the management concerns that cross-cut function s purely adaptable and adequate. I nstead of contemplating the many joys that was found in the class — the sunlight reflecting off Mr. Li's influence and impact on being an extremely positive trainer was prevailing my mind, even wanted to hear more from him.

朱耀暉 學生


零五年,李燦榮獲邀到當時我就讀的香港中文大學 — 東華三院社區書院新聞系任教,我有幸親身與他接觸。